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A Review:
I LOVE how our save the dates turned out. Angie did an amazing Job. We ordered a magnet basketball themed game ticket in our wedding colors. The final product looked just like our proof but the quality of the magnet was even better than we expected.
-Summer B

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Sport & Concert Ticket Save the Dates

save the date magnets sports magnets ticket magnets

There are many magnet sizes are available for a ticket look-a-like design.

Click on the design you like for more info and a link for that magnet size's pricing.

Save the date tickets can be made for a sports, concert, or broadway/theater theme. Feel free to ask for modified versions of the wedding save the date designs on this page to work for birthday, bar mitzvah, or other save the dates for whatever other shindig you will be throwing.

2x5.5 inch magnet examples:

Code: TicketMT1

Code: TicketMT2

Code: TicketMT4

Code: TicketMT1B


4.2x5.4 inch Concert Theme:
concert save the date magnet
Code: TicketL1

There are a lot of 2.5x6.5 inch save the date magnet designs... some of which can fit two photographs.
Code: TicketMT9
baseball save the date magnet
Code: TicketMT10
Code: TicketMT11
Code: TicketMT12
Code: TicketMT14

Code: TicketMT13

Code: TicketMT23

hollywood save the date magnet



7x3 inch examples, one and two photos:

Code: TicketMELT3

Code: TicketMELT4

3x7 inch example:

Code: TicketMELT1

3x7 inch example:

Code: TicketMELT2

4.1x2.6 magnet:

Code: TicketMF1


 football save the date magnet
Code: Ticket18

2.5x5.75 inches:

Code: TicketMF1B

2.25x6 magnet:

Code: Ticket19

Two 5.5x2.25 inch save the date magnets:
theater save the date magnet
Code: Ticket21

ticket save the date magnet
Code: Ticket15

Golf score card magnet:

golf save the date magnet
Code: TicketMF3

6x2.75 inch magnet:

broadway save the date magnet
Code: Ticket16

Note: You can ask the designer to tweak colors, fonts, and wording on available designs, provided that the changes you want to see are feasible.

No, we can't use a sports team logo on your awesome save the date ticket design! Copyrights and trademarks are not to be violated. But, we can try out another graphic that represents the team, such as a football helmet in the right color, or the team initials in a similar font style, or just something like a baseball that represents the sport. If the logo has a bulldog in it, a bulldog graphic can be included. Red socks can be used instead of Red Sox. You get the idea.

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