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2.5x6.5 inch magnets

This pricing also applies to 2.5x6.25 inch magnets and 2.25x6.5 inch magnets. This magnet size is very commonly used for ticket themed save the date magnets- baseball, football, soccor, hockey, you name it. There are a few other sizes in this range, but this one is definitely the most popular for those ticket designs that include a photograph.

save the date magnet
Send your guests something nice!

These magnets are...
· Approximately 30mil thick
· Have a glossy laminate finish over the print
· Available with or without envelopes

Yes, the entire backside is magnetic.

Pick a design from around the website to be personalized with your info + colors... or have the designer come up with something new.

Quantity   Magnet Cost   Shipping   Total
25 $45.00 $7.00 $52.00
50 $68.00 $10.00 $78.00
75 $92.00 $12.00 $104.00
100 $120.00 $14.00 $134.00
125 $150.00 $16.00 $166.00
150 $177.00 $18.00 $195.00
175 $206.00 $20.00 $226.00
200 $234.00 $22.00 $256.00
225 $260.00 $24.00 $284.00
250 $286.00 $26.00 $312.00
300 $334.00 $29.00 $363.00
350 $380.00 $32.00 $412.00
Add Envelopes   New Total
+$11.00 $63.00
+$16.00 $94.00
+$22.00 $126.00
+$27.00 $161.00
+$33.00 $199.00
+$38.00 $233.00
+$43.00 $269.00
+$48.00 $304.00
+$53.00 $337.00
+$58.00 $370.00
+$66.00 $429.00
+$84.00 $496.00
Contact Save the Date Originals for pricing on magnet orders of larger quantities.

Save the date magnet

As of March 2016 the envelopes priced out in the chart are actually a combination of a 6.75x3 inch clear sleeve + a 80lb white envelope of about 7.5x4 inches + a black card to put behind the magnet in the envelope. The added black card helps reduce magnetism through the envelope, for easier mailing. A 71 cent (two ounce) stamp is recommended for mailing these wonderful magnets out.

Ticket envelopes

More Details:
Idaho residents (only) owe addtl 6% sales tax
Shipping costs listed only valid for USA addresses
The minimum quantity is 25
You can order odd numbers like 113
Shipping outside the US is entirely possible.

Here is an often asked question: "How long will it take?"

First we have to finalize the design. How long that is going to take will vary a lot between projects. New designs will usually take longer than personalized versions of already existing designs. And then you can ask for edits. And then you can ask for more edits.

Save the Date Originals response times will usually be 1-3 days. You place the order once the design is ready to go. (An order page would be set up at that point).

After the order is placed, it typically takes about a week for an order of 75-100 magnets to ship out. After the magnets ship out, arrival is in 2-4 days. STDO usually goes with Priority via the US postal service.

Custom printed sample magnets are available for this size, for $15 (with a discount on the full order). Let the designer know that you are interested as we get close to finalizing your design.

Otherwise, you can order sample magnets that would have any random design on them for just a few bucks.

» Click here for random samples.

Here at STDO, when it comes to custom printed products, designs are finalized prior to the customer placing an order.

When you find a design you like on the designs page, click on it, and then use the "Request a personalized proof" link to get started.

If you are interested in a new design idea, you must contact the designer.

Proofs are emailed to customers (an email address that you check regularly is needed!). When we have a design finalized and you are ready to order, an order page with your production times, cost, product(s) description, and other details will be set up. There is a limit to the number of free emailed proofs.

ticket save the date magnetd are awesome
Hello Angela,

We received the package today and would like to tell you that we LOVED them. Thank you so much and it looked wonderful.


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