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Boarding Pass Save the Date Magnets

All aboard! Have your guests save the date for a destination wedding or travel themed weddings with these fun magnets. Below are several designs/sizes. These are refrigerator magnets. Click on the design you like more for information about that design. Those information pages will have a link to pricing for that magnet size. Cruise passes, airline tickets, luggage tags, and more.

state map
Code: BPMAG6 - 7x3 inch magnet

boarding pass shell
Code: BPMAG3 - 8x3.25 magnet

Code: BPMAG7 - 6x4 inch magnet

destination plane
Code: BPMAG4 - 6.5x3.25 inch magnet

travel save the date magnet
Code: MR11 - 4x3.5 inch magnet

luggage tag magnet
Code: NWU3 - 2.5x4 inches

beach luggage tag magnet
Code: NWU6 - 2.5x4 inches

Palm tree luggage
Code: NWU7 - 2.5x4.5 inches
boarding pass vintage
Code: BPMAG2 - 6x4 inch magnet

photo magnet
Code: BPMAG5 - 7x3 inch magnet

boarding pass cruise
Code: BPMAG1 - 6x4 inch magnet

destination wedding
Code: Ticket17 - 7x3 inch magnet

Code: BPMAG13 - 7x3 inch magnet

airline ticket
Code: BPMAG10 - 6.5x2.75
Airline boarding pass save the date magnet

love air save the date
Code: BPMAG11 - 6x3
Love airplane save the date magnet

Vegas destination
Code: NWU5 - 2.5x4.5 inches

Sand beach luggage tag magnet

Note: You can ask me to tweak colors, fonts, and wording on available designs, provided that the changes you want to see are feasible. Add rounded corners to any magnet order, $5 per 25, for added awesome.

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