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Transparent stickers:

Yes, these are an option. Go with black ink printing- any other color will blend in with the background color of what you put the sticker on. You can't get a white color printed on these stickers. If you get yellow printed on a sticker, and then you put that sticker on something that is dark brown, you will hardly be able to see the yellow.

Example: Below is a picture of a 3x3 inch sticker printed with black ink.
transparent wedding stickers
You could get 100 3x3 inch stickers like this for $38.00 plus $3.50 shipping.

Another customer had the cool idea to print their ceremony programs on a large see through sticker- they put the stickers on lunch bags! It was a lot easier for them than trying to print directly on the lunch bags. There are a few interesting possibilities for this kind of sticker.

Design time: How long it takes to finalize your personalized or custom design after you contact STDO is entirely variable depending on how many changes you request after seeing the initial proof.

Production time: The production time for see-through stickers is usually around 7-9 days. This production time begins after the design is finalized and the order is placed.

Shipping: After the order is produced, it finally ships on out. Transit time is usually about 3-4 days to US addresses.

Use the form below to get started. You will get an automatic email right after you submit your information, and then the follow up email within a couple of days. That email will probably have a design proof and a price quote for you!

If you are seeing this wording instead of a form, your javascript is probably disabled. This has to do with what kind of internet browser you are using. Click here for the online form.

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