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How to mail out those save the date magnets

Fridge magnets are the most popular option for save the dates these days. They are more awesome than a card in that they will stick themselves to a guest's fridge. They aren't as elaborate as some ideas, like a message in a bottle. They are more handy than save the date stickers, because a lot of people don't actually keep wall or desktop calendars.

So once you have your save the date magnets, what do you need to know about mailing them out to guests?

This good news is that you can mail out magnets with the US postal service. Couples are mailing out save the date magnets every year.

The big question: did you get magnets that you can mail out alone, or did you get small magnets?

Several common magnet sizes, like 5x4, or 4x3.5 inch magnets, can be mailed right out in envelopes. Thinner envelopes are not recommended (24lb is a common thin envelope thickness). Try to get envelopes that are at least 80lb. Lined envelopes, or even a double (two different) envelopes would be best.

When you put the magnet inside the envelope, have the magnetic backside facing the back of the envelope. The back of the envelope is the side with the flap.

Consider going with colored envelopes to jazz things up. If you get a metallic envelope… think in advance about how you will get the addresses on the envelope, remembering to check on whether the ink you use will smear if touched.

What to do when there aren't convenient mailing envelopes:

For some magnet sizes, you aren't going to be able to find envelope sizes that fit well.

And then when you have small magnets, like the popular 3.5x2 inch magnets, you face more of a problem with the envelope size. You can find mini envelopes, but you can't mail them out. The minimum mailing size with the US postal service is 5x3.5 inches.

For these smaller magnet sizes, you might just want to consider attaching the magnet to a blank card. You could use slits in the card, photo corners, or even ribbon (with holes punched in the card) to attach the magnet to the card.

In the case of the small 3.5x2 inch magnet, you could just get the mini envelopes, and then put the enveloped magnet in the larger 5x3.5 inch envelope to mail. If you decide to do that, there are cool see-through mini envelopes available.

4x2.5 magnet with double envelopes

Magnets with cards:

If you are planning to mail your magnets out with informational cards, it is actually a good idea a small envelope to put the magnet in before you include with the larger card + it's envelope. Why? Because the magnet could very well scratch up the info card. A small envelope prevents that, and adds just a little bit more fun.

Ideas for magnets and cards:

1) Print out a page or letter with information, fold it up, and toss it in with the magnet.

2) A more informative option is to print simple 5.5x4.25 inch card with hotel, flight, or more information. You could then include any of various magnet sizes in with the card- small, medium, large, heart shaped, circle shaped, you name it.

3) A popular combination for cards and magnets is: a printed folded card with slits to hold small magnets. A 5.5x4.25 inch card can hold a reasonable amount of information. Combined with a small magnet, you end up with a compact and effective save the date mailing.

4) Another popular idea is to include a small magnet in with holiday cards or family newsletters. The 3.5x2 inch size works really well for this, because there are some fun mini envelope colors for this size, such as red or see-through. Toss your magnet in with the letters you were already going to send out.

But really, there aren't problems with mailing magnets?

Save the Date Originals has been selling fridge magnets for plenty of years; Couples really are sending out tons of magnets in the mail.

There is one story out there of someone who put a load of their save the date magnets (in their addressed envelopes) into one of those metal blue mail pickup boxes... only to find later that a number of them had stuck to the inside of the metal box, therefore, did not get mailed!

To avoid that, follow the precautions above with regards to getting thick envelopes (or lined envelopes, or even double envelopes). Another thing you could do would be to take the save the dates directly to the post office, or, give them directly to your postal worker.

-Angela Bauter
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