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Contact Angela

Save the Date Originals offers customer service via email. The designer & owner, Angela Bauter, is your contact.

Before you email, note that most magnets sizes are already roughly priced out on the website! And most designs have a "request design proof" link. But if you are looking for a custom design, found something on the blog, or have an international shipping price quote request, email is the way to start.

Note: Response time is generally 2-3 days.

Below is a java form that you can use to submit your question. If you do not have javascript enabled, a link will show up instead.

If you have trouble with the contact form, feel free to skip right to email:

Facebook users can also send a private message.


Have you received no response to your email? First an foremost, check your spam/junk folder. If Angela's emails are being automatically sorted there, you will never see them. There have been a few cases where customers were obviously not receiving Angela's emails, and there is nothing Save the Date Originals can do about it if the emails sent to you are being automatically sent to your spam/junk folder. If it's just one email you have not received a response to, within the usual response time-frame, please do email Angela again to check in.

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