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It doesn't hurt to ask! The designer can't claim to be able to do *everything*, but she could probably come up with something for you.

You can pick out a save the date card, save the date magnet, or invitation design on this website and ask for color changes. This is actually expected and generally isn't going to lead to an extra charge. On most of the design detail pages, there is a link named “Request a personalized proof”. You would click on that and go from there.
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Sometimes a background pattern can be switched out, or another graphic can be replaced. Not all of your ideas may work out, but asking does not hurt. Try to remember that small magnets are limited in how much information can be displayed in fun, fancy fonts. One of the main goals when designing for your project will be to make sure your text will be nicely readable.
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As far as a completely new design- also can do. Hand drawn floral graphics? Custom location maps? New save the date? Something to advertise your business? All of these are options.
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For a custom design, you would be working via email with the designer. The best way to get started is to:

» Contact Angela

And now for more details:

· Process & Cost & Time

There is no set design fee. It is possible that your idea will be simple enough that it won't even require extra time to create. On the other hand, if you want something that requires the designer to hand draw a complicated image, of course it will cost extra. How much? That depends on your project! It depends on what you have in mind, and the size the image(s) will be printed at.

For projects with a lot of custom drawing, such as a specific new floral pattern, the designer will first create a rough pencil sketch. The rough sketch is emailed to you before the artist will proceed to render the complete design on the computer. Often, you will charged before the artist renders the complete design, but not until after you have seen the rough sketch.

To get started on a custom design, you would contact the designer. Let her know for what size you would like to design printed, and what you have in mind for the design. Any ideas for the color? Elements? Theme? Wording?

Timing is highly variable per project. As of January 2012, response times to each email average two days. (Average- this means that sometimes the response will be faster, sometimes it will be slower). You could expect it to take several emails to finalize a design.

· Respecting copyright

You can submit photographs and images for the designer to use as inspiration, but note that she isn't going to just straight up copy. Maybe you like the color from design A, the font from design B, and the “perfect pair” theme. The designer can put something together for you. But if you just like a design and want the designer to recreate it as is... that she won't do. It would literally get her kicked out of her stationery guild. ;-)

This issue comes into play with the popular sports ticket magnet and card save the dates. STDO can not use a copyrighted team logo without permission. The designer can perhapse try out another graphic that represents the team- such as a football helmet in the right color, or the team initials in a similar font style, or just something like a baseball that represents the sport.

· Requesting the design file for your custom design.

If you get a custom design made, that doesn't necessarily mean that you get the high resolution files later for no additional cost. If you plan on asking for them, let the designer know at the beginning of the project.

There are several reasons for this. If STDO is printing the project, the designer might use a modified version of one of STDO's designs. She wouldn't do this if she were planning on selling you the design file. Additionally, any custom graphics made will be priced out with the thought that the designer retains the rights to the new graphics and could reuse them for other projects. She wouldn't release high resolution copies into the public that contained components of her own designs. Another big issue is that the designer can use any graphics available to her as a commercial graphic artist if STDO will be printing the project. Such as graphics and fonts that she has paid for. STDO can not hand over high resolution files to you with proprietary graphics that are licensed only for STDO use.

· Design Only (logo, monogram, something to print at home)

You can buy designs by themselves, to print on your own or send to another printer. This means you can have the designer create something for any type of product, and size. Files would be emailed to you, usually as a PDF, JPG, TIF, etc. At the start of the project, definitely let the designer know what requirements you or your printer has. Cost depends on the complexity of the project.

Having the designer create something new for you to print will cost more than having her create something that STDO will print. If STDO is printing it, you don't need the high resolution copies, and then the designer can use any graphics available to her as a commercial graphic artist. STDO can not hand over high resolution files to you with proprietary graphics. Definitely make this decision prior to getting started on the design.

Logos are something that will typically cost a bit more than something like a save the date design because if you have STDO make a logo, you will definitely want the high resolution print files. Additionally, you won't want STDO to resell that logo to someone else, right? So even a logo with simple graphics, well, that is a simple graphic that must be created for your logo, not picked out from previously made artwork, and then you presumably get the rights to that logo along with the graphics made for it.

· Caricatures

Now these are one of the few things STDO doesn't do. The only designer on staff (Angela Bauter) can create people looking graphics, but in her experience, she doesn't capture people's features exactly as they want them. You can send a caricature to STDO for use in a design though.

Note: STDO will retain the copyright on any design work for promotional purposes. Any samples that are posted on this website will have critical information blocked out or edited. STDO will not use your photos without permission.

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