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Hello Angela!

Just wanted to let you know that I have received my save the date magnets. I absolutely love them. Thank you so much. If I need more I will let you know.

Thanks again!


Angie, You did a fabulous job. Thanks for all your hard work on my daughter's save the dates. It was our pleasure to work with you.

All the best,


Save the Dates: you have options

It's time to send something exciting out to everyone, telling them to Save the Date! Now, what to send, exactly? I've got just a few ideas for you.

What you send out is going to depend a lot on how much information you want to include. You can go for a card, a fridge magnet, or both. Couples will often have a longer note written up with more information (hotel information, usually), and then add in a smaller printed refrigerator magnet with a fun design, so that they can include both a good amount of information along with a cute/fun magnet.

Heart shaped save the date with envelope
Small save the date magnets

Otherwise, go with at least a 4x3 inch magnet (or larger) that can easily be mailed out alone.

Whether it’s a magnet, a card, or something else that you send, you still have to choose some sort of design idea!

If you are having a more specifically themed wedding, then of course you may likely decide on something that matches the theme. For example, Gatsby themed weddings were more popular in 2013, and those couples found themselves looking for designs with an Art Deco flair.

If you aren't having a themed wedding, well, what then? You have quite a few options. You probably had to pick out a color or two for certain items, which works as a starting point. There are a few simple ideas that work with just about every wedding: You can easily find classic designs that include a calendar of the month that the wedding will take place in, a photograph of the couple, or both.

color border save the date card
Calendar wedding save the date
Post it wedding date
Damask save the date card
Lovebirds in a tree

Photo strip designs are another popular option. A throwback to those times when couples would get into a photobooth and make funny faces at the camera, these are usually just what you would think of- a long strip with a number of photos. If you get a large enough photostrip, a great idea is to hold a different sign in each photo to write out “save”, “the”, and “date”.

Sometimes it is fun to be cute. You might decide on a sweet cartoon of a bride & groom. Or maybe you could go with actual caricatures of yourselves for the design. Go for something nostalgic like your names carved into a tree with a heart.

Wedding invitations are often a bit more formal than save the dates, and they do not have to match, so have some fun.

If you love Cherry Blossoms, maybe you will go with that as a general tie in - floral designs are a popular option. Specific patterns like the Damask are also a popular way to go, with varying color schemes.

You might decide on a save the date that relates to mutual hobbies or interests. For example, two musicians might get a save the date design made with graphics that include the favorite instrument of each. If you both love riding motorcycles, why not get a design with two motorcycles + your save the date wording?

Modern save the date magnet
Pair Guitars Wedding Magnet
Mr and Mrs Smith Wedding
Cute cartoon save the date magnet

You might decide on a save the date that reflects your personality. If you two enjoy your humor, there are a lot of ways to go, be it the old "ball and chain" or something else.

If you two are geeky, you can own it. Pick your favorite computer game or movie and see what you can find.

Sport fans? Oh do you have options there. Basketball, baseball, football, hockey... there are a lot of ticket look-a-like options. You’d probably be surprised by the number of couples united in their sports enthusiasm. Sometimes couples are having a sports themed wedding, sometimes, it's just a bit of fun for the save the dates.

How about something that relates to how you met? For example, if your first date was at a coffee shop, a design with a pair of lattes would be cute.

Another save the date idea, because, really, a wedding is an event: movie ticket stub, movie poster, broadway ticket, or theatre event ticket. Weddings are a big event, and so event ticket save the dates are wonderfully appropriate. You can tie this theme into the wedding invitations later, or switch to something more elegant.

save the date ticket photo
linked hearts save the date
photostrip magnet

Now, destination weddings are the ones that you really do need to send out save the dates for. These weddings kind of require advance notice for guests! You can fly away with the destination theme via: Cruise themed boarding passes, airline tickets, and luggage tags. Or you can just get a cute save the date with a photo of a tropical beach in the background. A beach with a heart is still a classic destination save the date idea.

Still don't really feel any of those ideas? Here are two more: Location specific, or, date specific.

For a location specific save the date, you could get a save the date made with the outline of the state where the wedding will take place, or, with a skyline graphic of the city. If your reception will take place at a winery, a cluster of grapes, or a pair of wine glasses might just do. Wedding in a barn? Go rustic by including a wood print or mason jar graphic on your save the date.

Date specific: if your wedding is right around a major holiday like Christmas, Halloween, or the fourth of July, you could choose to own fact that for the save the dates, even if you don't plan to have a holiday themed wedding. There are ways to keep it simple- for example, fireworks on a save the date for a July wedding, or, snowflakes for a winter wedding. People have had a lot of fun with halloween themed save the dates.

If after reading through all of these ideas, you still aren't sure, it's time to start browsing around the internet. There are so many design ideas, it shouldn't be long before you come across something that both the bride and groom would go for.

-Angela Bauter

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