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You have questions.

Q: What is my least expensive option for invitations?
A: 5x7 inch flat card with a small response card. Go with white card stock, white envelopes, and a fairly simple design.

Q: Why are pocketfolds so much more expensive than regular invitations?
A: Think about it- the addition of a pocketfold means: more card stock, and, folding. This is in addition to your printed flat cards. You can cut down on cost a little bit by deciding to glue the main invitation card to the back of the pocketfold on your own.

Q: Can you change the colors for me?
A: Yes! The colors on designs can be changed without much trouble at all. Some pocketfolds and envelopes only come in select colors.

Q: What should my rsvp card look like?
A: These days, many couples will have different needs for their rsvp card. Generally, you would expect an "is attending" and "can not attend" option, along with a place for the guest(s) to write their names. Sometimes couples will add more (dinner choices, number attending, and more).

Q: I want raised in printing, but you only offer digital printing- what can be done?
A: You can actually have me work on just a design for you, and get the printing done elsewhere. This works also for those who want to do-it-themselves with printing and assembly.

Q: Should my invitations match my save the dates and vice versa?
A: But no means is this necessary. Save the dates are often less formal than the invitations.

Q: But can my invitations match my save the dates?
A: Sure! I work on custom designs; Tell me what you have in mind, and we would go from there.

Q: Do you use recycled card stock?
A: Not usually, but it is an option for some invitation sets.

Q: Why can't I find pricing for your invitation design examples?
A: You should be able to find pricing for almost all the invitations in galleries 1, 2, and 4, by clicking on the small graphic of the design you like. Gallery 3 is still under construction; It takes time to photograph and price out more complicated invitation ideas like pocketfolds. For pocketfold pricing, you would need to email me (Angela) with as many details as possible about your idea for an invitation set- desired colors, design, size, etc.

Q: Do you have more invitation examples/photographs?
A: Yes! Check out the Blog

Q: In have my own invitation idea. Will you work with me?
A: Feel free to email me; Customers will often have a fun and unique idea for their invitations, and I like to work on new things.

Q: Will a custom invitation design cost me more?
A: Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends on what you have in mind.

Q: Do you only offer invitations for weddings?
A: No. You can have me adapt one of the designs you see on the website, or have me create something new for your event.

Q: Do you offer discounts for those who have previously ordered save the dates?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Can I get a custom printed sample invitation?
A: Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends on what invitation you have in mind.

If you are getting a white 5x7 inch card with a black ink design, you can probably get a custom printed sample for a nominal fee.

But if you are going for a specialty pocketfold set with colored envelopes, or something else for which supplies are going to be specially ordered, you probably can not get a custom printed sample without it costing you quite a bit. Tis the nature of "custom".

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