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Where to start?

itation types, in general order of cost from least to most

Most popular: A flat printed card. This will hands down be your most cost effective option.
· A 5x7 inch flat card.
· A 5.5x8.5 inch flat card
· A 4x8 inch flat card.
· Other possible sizes.

Folded cards: Bifolds.
· With a single fold, 5x7 inch cards are the most popular folded card size. (10x7 when unfolded).

Folded cards: Trifolds.
· Three good layouts for a trifold card. Pricing ranges wildley depending on the design you go with.

Layered cards: Many combinations.
· The idea of a layered card is that you will have a printed card, and, a blank colored card. The printed card will be smaller, and attached over the top of the colored card, to give your printed card a border. Pricing can range widely on this idea depending on what color of card stock you want to go with (how about something pearlescent!). You could layer the main invitation card and leave any additional printed cards unlayered, or go ahead and get every single card in your set layered.

Pocketfolds: One of your most costly options.
· More than one layout/orientation.
· As with the other invitation sets, you can go with just the invitation and a response card, or, add additional cards.

Magnetic: Yes, magnets!.
· You can get just about any design converted into a magnet. Get a 5x7 magnet + a small response card for something to surprise your guests.

Popular additions/changes:
· Rounded corners
· Colored envelopes.
· Colored card stock.
· Extra cards (reception, directions, etc).
· Lined envelopes (limited sizes and lining colors)
· Outer envelopes.
· Return address printing.
· Double sided printing (white and light card stock only)

Things that STDO doesn't usually do include... bows, buckles, glued on rhinestones, seal-n-sends, and scrolls.

Things that STDO can do with a little outsourcing include engraving & thermography.

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