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Graphic design + Printing

STDO has been around since 2004, getting a little better every year

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      Save the Date Originals started out with "Save the dates" for weddings, hence the name. You can read more about what save the dates are elsewhere on the website. Now STDO offers design & digital printing for all manner of projects. Cards, magnets, layered/folded/pocket invitations, stickers, and more.

      STDO works with couples that are planning weddings. STDO works with parents that are planning birthday parties. STDO also works with businesses that need promotional materials.

      Customers email directly with someone at STDO. Save the Date Originals loves to utilize technology, but isn't a fan of automating everything.

      Save the Date Originals is based in Boise, Idaho. Except in rare cases, everything is crafted right there! STDO ships to any state in the US, and beyond (such as Canada, England, and Ireland).

Save the Date Originals is located at:
296 E 36th St
Floor 1
Garden City, ID 83714

Please email to schedule an appointment if you would like to stop by. A limited number of in-person consultations are available.

Angela Bauter is the designer / maker / owner. Learn more about her via this interview at WeddingLovely.

magnet with envelope

Save the Date Magnets are still the most popular thing STDO makes. Because they are printed well and aren't flimsy. There are a lot of magnet sizes.

Connect with Save the Date Originals

      Did you find this page while searching for "nexus" and "save the date"? 2008 and prior, Angela used another email address; The website was also blue! If that is what you remember, this is the place you were looking for. STDO once focused solely on save the date magnets... but the website has now expanded.

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