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Slitted cards = holders for your magnets.

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These are 5.5x4.25 inch cards with slits and envelopes, meant for mailing out small magnets. Why get magnet holders? Because the small business card sized (3.5x2 inch) magnets are too small to mail out alone. You can use a regular stamp to mail these (with magnets) out!


1) You can get blank cards. Stick with white holders and envelopes or jazz things up with alternate colors.
» Pricing for blank slitted cards with envelopes.

2) You can get printed cards with personalized text printed. These work well for when you want to include longer lines of text, such as, "formal invitations and details to follow", or website links, which tend to crowd up and limit a small magnet designs.
» Pricing for slitted cards with some lines of printing, and envelopes.

3) You can get folded cards, either blank or printed.
» Pricing for folded cards, with or without printing, and envelopes.

Note: These cards are meant for small magnets; Slitted card holders for custom sized magnets, such as one of my Medium sizes, cost more. 4x3.5 and 5.5x4.2 inch magnets are both sizes that are easy to mail about alone in envelopes, because they are the right sizes for corrosponding envelopes.

Production time: Production times will vary depending on whether you are going for a blank holder, a printed holder, a flat holder, a folded holder, and, depending on what color of card stock you choose. Production times range anywhere from 5-9 days for orders of magnet holders alone, without magnets.

Want to place an order?

Slitted cards are currently only available for people who also order small magnets with STDO. The first step is to finalize a magnet design. Here at STDO, when it comes to custom printed products, designs are finalized prior to the customer placing an order.

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