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Pricing for blank white holders (slitted cards) with envelopes.

Note: Currently only available for those who also order 3.5x2 inch magnets from Save the Date Originals

cards to hold magnets magnet holders

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· These holders are for 2x3.5 inch small magnets.

· Free shipping when you order both magnets and holders.

· Click on one of the color blocks to see pricing for holders made of that color.

Quantity Holders & Magnets Shipping
25 $46.50 $0.00
50 $65.75 $0.00
75 $85.00 $0.00
100 $106.50 $0.00
125 $127.00 $0.00
150 $147.75 $0.00
175 $167.50 $0.00
200 $187.25 $0.00

Add black ink return address printing to the front upper left of your envelopes for 11 cents each. Add black ink return address printing on the back of your envelopes for 11 cents each plus $5.

Pricing is in USD, and shipping costs listed here are only valid for US addresses. Shipping outside the US is entirely possible.

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