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Photo Designs

Small photo save the date magnets

Click on the design you like for more a larger version, more details, and possibly alternate versions.
Most of these designs are wedding save the dates, but, can be modified for other events and needs.

Heart & Fun Background
Code: SMP1

Code: SMP2

Popular photo strip
Code: SMP3

Code: SMP5

Code: SMP14

Code: SMP15

Code: SMP16

Code: SMP18

Code: SMP19

Code: SMP20

Code: SMP22

Code: SMP23

Code: SMP50

Code: SMP26

Photographic Fun
Code: SMP25

Code: SMP28

Code: SMP30

Code: SMP32

Code: SMP33

Code: SMP35

Code: SMP38

Code: SMP39

Code: SMP40

Code: SMP41

Code: SMP48

Note: You can ask the designer to tweak colors, fonts, and wording on available designs, provided that the changes you want to see are feasible.

» Click here to learn more about using personal photographs with designs.

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